The Alaskan Style Bed and Breakfast Tour

Visiting Alaska for scenic grandeur, wildlife viewing … a taste of frontier culture? Ooops, not sure if the last item includes what you expect a vacation to be? If that happens to be a guaranteed of being waited upon, pampered, because you have paid "good money for this," then I suggest you stop right here, click back to your favorite search engine, and look up "cruises."

The cruise lines that dump three or more ship loads of tourists (up to 5,000 people at a time) into little Alaskan villages with a permanent population of 250 know how to cater to those that "demand."
To meet these standards the foreign owned cruise companies shuttle passengers about on their private busses, you can look out your bus window and see real Alaskans, but you will not have an opportunity to interact with them. You will be herded by employees of the cruise lines. Most likely temporary "outsider" employees with little or no actual knowledge of the land or her people. ) railroad cars, and lodge and feed them in their own hotels.

Those on a "shore package" might accidentally bump into a real Alaskan now and then, but there is no way these "outsiders" will ever discover what really makes The Great Land so very special. The people.

And we are special. Oh, not me. But my neighbors are. Some of them are so colorful they are almost larger than life. We have a name for them… "Legends"

It is not that we are not impressed with "spending power." We have had a fair share of those who worked their way up to build a fortune in mining, or shipping, or oil. But, by and large everyone here is most impressed with freedom. Just about every Alaskan has come here, or at least their parent did, for a reason. And that doesn't have anything to do with "selling our soul."

Do not expect a real Alaskan to be a servant. We will gladly suffer any difficulty to make a visitor smile, but don't think that can be bought! Nothing, nowhere on this earth can compare to the delights of Alaskan hospitality.

Although we are a part of the United States, we almost are a separate country. We definitely have our own culture. This is what is worth visiting. Build a chain hotel in the middle of our villages, and it wouldn't be the same place. Perhaps we don't always have single baths available (plumbing always is a problem in permafrost country) but we sure do have atmosphere.

At an Alaskan bed and breakfast you will be able to touch the heart of Alaska’s best. Here are people who face a harsh existence through long dark arctic winters, frozen pipes, permafrost, and bears and moose as backyard companions. But come spring and summer they look forward to the interaction with the incoming guests.

You can expect to be treated to tales of the North and stories of the legendary heroes that make Alaska great, many of which are neighbors. There is something about Alaska that makes good people legends in their own time. If you are really lucky your hosts will drag out pilot bread and wild blueberry jelly, or perhaps local smoked salmon or moose jerky.

So if adventure is what you are after, and you want to make a lasting friendships with a truly BIG-hearted people, then an Alaskan bed and breakfast expedition is for you!

Come visit the last frontier.

Follow the links below to find out about, and book your safari into the vast regions of Alaska and enjoy the stay the only true Alaskan way, at her many bed and breakfast inns.

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